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+Self  defense /Krav Maga basics, 
state of mind and training.

 ( most popular work shop) 

+Empowering women.

+Being Israeli (Jewish pride ).
+Motivation work life balance.

+Find yourself, live positive
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 “Be ready"

​A 60-minute introductory lecture offering an inspirational back story on my life in Israel along with an overview of the notable flasher incident that has gained international media attention. Discuss how hardships c​an make people ​stronger and more connected to their roots. Cover basic explanation of​ ​

physical self-defense and response to crisis-related situations.

The lecture addresses questions like:

  • ●  How can I always be ready for the unknown?

  • ●  How can I become mentally stronger?

  • ●  How should I behave during crisis situations?

    Based on equipment availability, this lecture can be accompanied by shareable presentation slides and relevant short videos.

    Lecture goals: ​Positive,​ Strong, Learning mindset.

  • ●  Actively engage participants in the lecture. Participants will answer and ask questions, feeling

    both comfortable and compelled to get involved in the discussion and in-class exercises.

  • ●  Discover and adopt new thinking patterns such as, “I'm mentally and physically prepared for

    unexpected situations in life.”

  • ●  Realize that life is a beautiful adventure. When we’re faced with challenges, we don’t have to

    be a victim. We can always choose to learn, grow, and uncover a solution.

    ​What you will learn at the workshop:

  • ●  Jewish and Israeli pride.

  • ●  How to get involved in representing the Jewish nation and the State of Israel.

  • ●  How to build motivation and self-esteem

  • ●  Basic mental state-of-mind for self-defense

  • ●  Basic physical self-defense workshop ( 30 or so minutes )


    Note: Lecture topics and in-class interactions can be adjusted to the interests of the organization and its audience. Examples include adding more material on Jewish or Israeli history, or women-empowerment.


Aia Polansky has been featured in major editorial and broadcast news outlets including FOX,CNN, NBC, Good Morning America, and more.

Aia, Mother of two, is a charismatic and authentic inspirational speaker who served in the Israeli Air Force special units. Following her service and additional training, she became an investigative detective, then was hired by a former Israeli chief of police to work on global security projects.

As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Aia has always been a proud public advocate of the Jewish community. She has organized protests and activities in Boston to support Israel, and is active on social media channels with the goal to spread more awareness of anti-semitism.

As a mental and physical fitness motivator, Aia was positively influenced by the global uproar that arose when she successfully pinned down a flasher on Memorial Drive in Boston after being assaulted while running. Following her international and viral media engagement, she has been invited to speak at several relevant events. She has made it her mission to empower and educate others moving forward to embrace self-empowerment. 

Workshops delivered in English, Hebrew, or Russian