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I am Aia Polansky, LOVE MY JOB! Life-long athlete, passionate about sports, training and motivating others to create and maintain a safe healthy lifestyle! 
My clients range from age 5 to 80! :)
Every training is tailored to each individual's needs.
I come to your location with all the equipment for our session.
I do work with challenging cases such as recovering and injured patients.


Small group Zumba ,

Running team ,

Couch to 5k ,

Family tennis,

Bicycle training, 

Injury workouts,

Teens strength ,

Weight loss,

Krav maga,

kickboxing cardio

and more ...

Please note: I do not do competitive/ bodybuilder training!   



My Background: 

I am a mother of two and life-long athlete from a family of pro athletes.

My love of sport began when I was given my first tennis racquet at the age of six. I have competed for Israel  and coached  tennis camps for children and athletes since the age of fifteen. 

At eighteen I became a member of the Israeli Air Force Special Unit. 

Once my tenure with the military ended,  I held a position on Israeli Chief of Police’s private international  security project  team.

I moved to the United States ten years ago and returned to my first love, training, teaching tennis and working with challenging  children. I worked in a private gym and with one big celebrity in town training company also  I have been sponsored by a few brands.

I'm licensed and insured, I never stop learning and educate myself in the filed of fitness and nutrition.     

I enjoy so much to listen motivate, educate and to get people moving!

My philosophy is simple. I believe we were built to move and should enjoy being physically active. Most of us are living in an unnatural state. Busy lives mean we drive to work, sit all day at a desk, have a quick unhealthy meal, drive home and sit in front of the television to relax before starting the cycle again. Our lack of activity has caused low-energy, poor health and a lost connection with our body’s fundamental purpose – to move!

I specialize in reconnecting people with their love of being active. I encourage individuals and families to take advantage of all the physical opportunities offered by the outdoors; bike trips, walks, hikes, tobogganing and so much more. I work closely with people in their home to balance their busy lives with nature, healthy eating and fun! Together we work to create a healthy lifestyle the whole family can enjoy year-round.

The best way to be physically challenged is to have a trainer to teach, motivate and help you find what you love to do. I have helped countless individuals and families do just that. No one program will be the same for everyone. Discovering the joy in being active is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

I am different from other personal trainers because I provide a tailored program that suits my clients’ busy life, includes their family, friends or coworkers and allows them to be healthy and happy for life!


My Results:

When families, friends and co-workers exercise together the results , have been incredible. Memories are formed, bonds are strengthened and the encouragement from a group becomes a powerful motivator.

Teenagers in particular who are physically active have increased confidence, focus and willpower. In addition, they have lower anxiety, anger and exhibit fewer disruptive behaviors. They also benefit from learning to work with a team by encouraging and motivating others. 

I tailor each activity to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. Every person’s level of ability is assessed and monitored to ensure they are benefiting from and enjoy each and every workout. Clients see and feel the results because they participate in exercise they enjoy.