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Aia,  mother of two and the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors is a charismatic and authentic inspirational speaker who grew up in Israel, in a city bordering Ashkelon. With a parent who worked in the protective and emergency response services, she grew up always alert, learning to expect the unexpected, and responding to and executing judgement responsibly in stressful situations.

At the age of eighteen, she enlisted in the IDF, becoming a member of the Israeli Special Unit. 

Following her service, she was recruited by Israel’s Covert Intelligence and Special Operations agency. After two more years of training, she was hired by the former Israeli Chief of Police to work on national security projects. Her responsibilities included supervision and training of new security officers and creating training obstacles for inspections and drills in public venues.

Since moving to the United States, she has made it her mission to spread her knowledge of Krav Maga and self-defense. And continue consulting  and organizations that could not be disclosed . Her compelling messages about empowerment, motivation and self-defense consistently resonate with diverse audiences, and her workshops are interactive

and entertaining while focusing on a positive, strong mindset.

Aia is a passionate and proud public advocate of the Jewish community. She has organized rallies and activities in Boston to support Israel, and is active on social media with the goal of strengthening Jewish life and spreading awareness of antisemitism.

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