Im  Aia Polansky, I was born and raised in Israel, in a city bordering Ashkelon, which unfortunately suffered from a lot of terror attacks and shooting. Thus, I learned to expect the  unexpected, respond to and execute judgment in stressful situations responsibly very early on in life. My father is still active in the protective and emergency response services, being

responsible for recruiting into counter-terrorist units specializing in hostage-rescue operations  and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. Under his guidance I grew up always alert and learning constantly.

After extensive training in shooting sports, amongst other things, at the age of 16 I began work in Araks Special Security, leading security groups up to 15 people guarding exits and entrances and peace-keeping during events such as music concerts and sports games. Most often I was assigned to soccer games, as those tended to get most violent at 18 I enlisted into the IDF and held a position in various special units where I got invaluable

hands-on practical experience and knowledge. I thrived in my position and had a lot of passion and drive to do the most in order to get the best and most impactful results.

After my service I was recruited by Israel's Covert Intelligence and Special Operations agency abroad. Then, after two more years of training I was hired by the former Israeli Chief of Police to  work for national security projects. My responsibility was overlooking and training new security

officers, creating training obstacles for inspections and drills in airports, etc. In addition to that I was responsible of securing and inspecting lottery locations in Israel.  Since then I have moved to the Unites States and began running educational empowering self-defense and Krav Maga workshops, in addition to drills and inspections. As I improved in these fields and my career evolved, it has brought me to work with countless synagogues,

schools, universities, local police stations, etc.

I'm committed to constantly learning and evolving my knowledge in the field of human behavior, social intelligence, psychology of both attackers and victims, firearms, self-defense and much more. I would be incredibly honored to have the opportunity to work with you and truly believe that our collaboration will be endlessly beneficial.

Moshik -

Senior Staff Sergeant Major (Ret)

expertise in IED  

This robot is a remote controlled

 First Responder Team for Hostage Rescue incidents.

Moshik was in more than 50 bombing Post Blast Scenes.

assigned to assist the West Bank Border Police Bomb

also involved in many high security details to include; Visits to Israel from President

integral part of every conflict and Army operation involving Israel in

the last 20 years.

 Israeli bomb Technician Specialist. Here, he

 dealing with terrorist attacks and how

to respond effectively to these incidents.

He is also considered and

expert in International Terrorism and Middle Eastern Studies as they

relate to the current threat facing our world today.

The company’s clients include Governments, Governmental agencies and companies, Police forces, airports, private and public companies, infrastructure and energy companies, academic institutions, and security services.


safety drills 

Preventing Life threatening situations to  big and small communities/ School businesses ETC  .

consulting to organizations, companies and countries on defense and security issues.

Planning and performing risk and threat surveys to identify and evaluate threats and weak points.


We work and collaboration with skilled professionals, who have served in executive positions in Israel's Security and Defense forces, and now are a major part of leading agencies and companies.